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  • What are the indicators of a good store for check cashing?
    Typically, we look for nearby low income or section 8 housing, and the presence of other retail check cashers. Being near a highway and/or an industrial park with small businesses is helpful. Also, it can be beneficial if you offer other financial services like ATM, bill pay, and Western Union. Check cashers want a one-stop-shop, so offering tobacco, beer/wine and lottery is also very helpful. Probably the most important factor is having present and engaged ownership and management in the store to promote the service.
  • I already cash checks, why would I need your system?
    Existing check cashers who add our system see huge value by using our ”no bad check” guarantee to significantly increase the pool of checks that are available to cash. They, typically, continue to service their regular customers as normal, but run any checks that are out of their comfort zone (too large, already signed, new customer, looks sketchy) through our system. This way they are only splitting fees on new business that would normally be turned away.
  • Do I need a check cashing license to operate the kiosk?
    No, you do not need a check cashing license. The kiosk is designed to work under our MSB, check cashing license, and bank. We take care of all of the regulatory and FinCEN compliance.
  • Do you help with marketing?
    Yes, we have all of the marketing that you will need to get started. We provide lawn signs, an LED sign, a cling for the front door, counter mats, a dangler sign for over the kiosk and cooler clings. Because of their size and depending on your geography we offer pole signs, bollard signs and flutter flags for an additional charge.
  • Isn’t the check cashing market shrinking because of direct deposit and cash app?
    Though these new technologies have decreased the “check cashing as a convenience” market; the Check cashing services industry in the US has grown 2.0% per year on average between 2018 and 2023. Our 71 million core customers do not have bank accounts and so rely on 3rd party check cashing services. We also cater to the many people who will gladly pay a fee to get access to their cash immediately rather than wait for it to clear their bank.
  • What if I get a business check for $50,000 and don't have that much cash?
    At the time of installation, you will receive a detailed guide to the Cashman Kiosk and its underlying operations. That said, we offer full support; meaning we will supply the funds for the customer by ACH the funds to you. You earn a reduced portion of the fees and more importantly, the customer is taken care with no knowledge of how the transaction came to be funded. It's important to never let any Kiosk customer walk away unserved or unhappy. Our promise is to work closely with you to make sure every transaction that is doable gets down. In this way, you build a strong, return-customer base that helps spread the good word about your store services.
  • What happens if the feds change rules?
    It doesn't matter whether it is the federal government, state, or your local government, if the rules change and it affects your Kiosk, we automatically upgrade the software at no cost to you. It's a seamless process from our central server to your Kiosk and is instantaneous. Our staff continually monitors changes to rules and regulations and our software staff is poised to implement needed changes quickly so you never have to worry about downtime.
  • How much is shipping and installation?
    Shipping and setup are provided at no charge to you. On the day of Kiosk installation, a Cashman Kiosk Service Team Member will train one (or more) of your store employees on the operation of the Kiosk so that you'll have someone on site who can load cash into the machine, check reports, and perform simple error corrections. If you need more assistance, you can call us and we'll arrange a video call to help you.
  • What type of IDs does the machine take?
    The ID scanner uses any photo ID: Drivers Licenses, State IDs, Military IDs, School IDs, Green Cards, Temp Licenses. It must be able to fit into the scanner.
  • What type of checks can be cashed in the kiosk?
    The kiosk takes most types of checks: payroll, unemployment, child support, government, IRS, insurance, 401K and Money Orders.
  • Will the kiosk cash personal checks?
    Personal checks are inherently risky. If a first-time customer is trying to cash a personal check, the system will deny it. However, if that individual had previously cashed other checks (payroll or government) the personal check will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • How do I cycle cash back into the kiosk?
    When a check is cashed through the kiosk, the check is remotely captured and deposited into our bank account. Once a week (or often sooner if over $5k) we transfer the funds to your account giving you back the cash to reload the machine.
  • How much cash should I load into the machine?
    Typically, we recommend starting with about $5000. Once you get an idea of your weekly check cashing volume you can adjust the amount. You can get started with a lesser amount but you may miss the opportunity to cash some larger checks.
  • How do I get reimbursed for a bad check?
    If we are depositing the checks into our bank account then you will never see or need to worry about bad checks. We take care of them from our end. If we are depositing the checks into your account then you would promptly forward the notice from the bank that has the check, the amount and the bank fee. We will promptly reimburse you for the face value of the check and the full bank fee.
  • Is there a max check size?
    No, we can handle checks of any size. You are only limited by the amount of cash available in the kiosk. Also, if someone tells you they have a larger than normal check then you can text us an image of the ID and check and we can pre-approve via the phone so you can make sure the kiosk has the proper amount of cash before you run it through.
  • What are the hours that the kiosk is in operation?
    The kiosk operating hours are 7am to 9pm seven days a week. After 9pm there is an “after-hours” screen that recommends that people come back at 7am the next morning.
  • Can I set my own fees?
    Yes, the fee schedule is completely customizable. You can set up a flat % rate, or have different rates for different tiers of value. You can also change the fees at any time. We have a standard fee schedule that we typically recommend to get started.
  • Does the machine come with a warranty?
    Yes, we warranty that the machine will work as intended while you have it active in your store to cash checks. This includes regular upgrades and maintenance on the software.
  • Can I cash business checks (checks between 2 businesses) through the kiosk?
    Yes. It is amazing how many business owners would gladly pay a fee to have instant access to their cash rather than wait for it to clear their bank account. We specialize in business checks because they tend to be larger and more profitable for the kiosk owners.
  • How long does it take to build up my check cashing business?
    If you are new to check cashing then we rely on all of the marketing and word of mouth messaging to build up your business. Typically, your number of checks cashed through the system will increase month over month and also year over year. Check cashers are very loyal, so once they successfully cash their check at your kiosk they will come back over and over again. It takes patience to build the business from scratch, but you should see your business trending positive right away.
  • I have a lot of Spanish speaking customers, does the kiosk have a Spanish language option?
    Yes, you can switch back and forth between Spanish and English or choose to keep it in Spanish all of the time.

“My husband and I used to be glued to the store so that we could be present to cash checks. It is super convenient because now we can leave for the day or go on vacation and our customers can continue to cash their checks through the kiosk!” 


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