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More customers, greater earnings, and increased sales

how it works

  • Place your order for a Cashman Automated or Desktop Kiosk

  • We arrange prompt shipping to your store (Included)

  • We walk you through the easy set-up and connection process

  • You load your cash into dispenser (for full kiosk)

  • Put up the included marketing and signs

  • You have access to an up-to-the-minute 24/7 dashboard that tracks all checks cashed, fees earned and cash levels

  • We provide full store marketing materials, live customer service and software support.  

You're ready to start cashing checks!


You can customize the fee schedule that you charge your customers and change it at anytime. We split fees 50/50 with the store owners. For our half of the fees, we provide the check processing, verification, guarantee and banking services. The checks are scanned and remotely captured then deposited into our bank account.  Once a week (or sooner) we ACH the face value of the checks (minus our half of the fees) back into your account. We take care of the licensing, and FinCEN compliance and you can put cash into the hands of your customer to spend in your store!​


Existing check cashers typically already have their own MSB and bank, in which case we bill you at the end of the month for our portion of the check cashing fees. We can also use our MSB and bank solution so that we can take advantage of being fully compliant with cashing commercial and business checks of any value. We typically try to match your existing fee schedule so that integrating our system is seamless for your customers. You continue to cash your regular customers checks like normal, but any checks that are outside of your comfort zone (new customers, checks already signed, checks too large, checks look suspicious) can be run through our system.  If we verify the check then It will be covered under our guarantee.  This way you can increase the pool of checks available to cash and increase your fees from checks that you would normally turn away.  Most importantly we eliminate the huge cost associated with bad checks and fraud!

  • Cash Checks with Zero Risk
           So, you never lose money
  • Earn fees from check cashing and store sales
        So, you have multiple revenue streams

  • Full Compliance
         So, you always operate within FinCEN, state             and local rules and regulations. 
  • Drive more traffic to your store
         Gain access to more than 71 million unbanked 

  • No employees needed
        Cashman Standalone Kiosks are self serve 

  • Add high-value service to your business 
         Strengthen bond with customers

Why It Works

The FDIC reports that there are more than 71 Million unbanked and underbanked Americans in the U.S.

These are customers looking for non-bank locations to cash a check and get access to their funds.  These are working people who either can't get a bank account or choose not to for various reasons and are okay (prefer even) to pay a fee to cash checks and get immediate cash in hand.  In addition, many businesses find that their banks put funds on hold for several days denying the business cashflow.  Our kiosks cash business to business (B2B) checks - a lucrative, profitable business for your store. 

Check Cashing Store

“ We have a Walmart down the street and we turned away a lot of people that brought in checks that were already signed.  Now I run those checks through the Cashman kiosk and help out customers that I would normally have turned away.”


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