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Your store can generate

in fees by cashing checks. 

$21,000 per year

* SOURCE: FDIC average annual earnings based on a study of 13,000 retail check cashing locations in the United States.  

A Cashman Kiosk provides everything you need.

A Cashman Kiosk provides everything you need.


We Offer Two Ways to
Cash Checks in Your Store

Automated Kiosk

In Store Check Cashing Kiosk

Cashman Automated Kiosks are available for purchase  or through our monthly subscription program (in select markets).

Desktop System

Check Cashing In Store

Cashman Desktop Systems are available for purchase or through our monthly subscription program.

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Add Check Cashing to your store with a Cashman Kiosk

It's Simple, Low Cost, and Risk Free!

Cashman Kiosks are fully automated self-service check cashing systems designed for C-stores, grocers, food & fuel locations and more. It is a low-cost way of entering the check cashing market to attract new customers and generate recurring monthly revenue.

Cashman Kiosk provides the equipment, dedicated software, and marketing tools in two low-cost affordable options allowing you to expand services to your customers. 

  • Improve goodwill working with customers who are underbanked 

  • Reap financial rewards from fee-based revenue

  • Increase store foot traffic 

  • Improve visibility in your community

  • Strengthen customer loyalty


Zero risk, recurring monthly income, new customer traffic
and increased core product sales


We GUARANTEE every check cashed so that you never lose money from bad checks or fraud. 


With a Cashman system, you can cash any type of check, in any amount and earn fees on each transaction. 


Put cash into the hands of your customers so they can spend money in your store. 


63% of non-banked checks are cashed in retail stores like yours.  Retail check cashing is essential for the 71 million unbanked Americans looking for places to cash their checks.


Standalone Kiosks are self-serve and fully automated. No employees needed and no crowded lines.


We provide banking services and full compliance with all FinCEN and State regulations.

Designed and Built by Check Cashers for Check Cashers

We bring over 30 years of experience in the check cashing industry in our effort to simplify and speed up the check cashing process.

We provide the easiest and most cost-effective way for retail stores to enter the check cashing market.   We also help existing check cashers increase profits by eliminating bad checks and increasing the pool of checks available to cash. 

Cashman Kiosks are the  perfect solution for retail locations such as check cashers, grocers, C-Stores, liquor stores, food and fuel locations to more cost-effectively enter the check cashing market .  

The Proof is in the Data


Fees earned from check cashing in stores like yours.  Get your share of the market!


More than 23% of those cashing checks remain in store to boost core product sales.


The FDIC reports more than 71 million Americans are unbanked or underbanked and can only cash checks through a 3rd party check casher.


“Almost everyone who cashes a check through my kiosk spends money in my store on important stuff…like food, lottery and beer!” 

First Time Customer gets Cash from Kiosk

As close to TOTAL RISK FREE as one can get!

A Cashman Kiosk allows you to build a lucrative business with recurring revenue that grows over time by serving the loyal check cashing community.

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